How to Start a WordPress Blog

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You know you need to start a blog.
You want to start a WordPress blog to boost your offline business or maybe you want start a new business altogether.
Even though you’ve heard that it is easy to start one. But, you can’t seem to get your head around it.

You wonder and even think you need to be a design expert before you can do a cute business blog.

There few steps you can take to come up with a beautiful blog design that will impress your potential business clients and doesn’t give you away as a starter.

#1 Choosing a niche

What is a niche?

A niche is a subset of a market where your product or service is to be relevant. This implies the specific market segment you or your potential product or service wants to impact.

It is important to ask simple questions like, what do I like talking about? Or what do I you enjoy talking about? It has to have enough opportunity to explore the topic. That is it should not be narrow with few topics to discuss.

You can go to Dummies to check if your desired blogging topic exist among the topics the dummies series have already created. If you don’t see then beware because you might be blogging on a narrow topic.

Whatever it is you decide to blog about will be something you want to specialize on and be an expert.

A helpful guide is to explore the basic categories of niches online which I itemize as:

Business and entrepreneurship,

Social media and blogging,

Creative endeavours,



Gadgets and tech,


Personal finance,

Self improvement,


News, culture and entertainment.

#2 Choosing a blogging platform

As described by the balance, this refers to a software that you use to publish your content on the internet in the form of a blog. A blogging platform is the system used to manage your blog content. (content management system). The most popular of all the several CMS available WordPress is the most popular and the easiest to use. WordPress is easy to use, flexible, and optimized for the search engines.

The most popular of all the several CMS available WordPress is the most popular and the easiest to use. WordPress is easy to use, flexible, and optimized for the search engines.

What you need know about WordPress platform

You may ask why can’t I use a free platform for my blog?

There are two types of WordPress platforms.

a) A blog

This type of platform does not need a paid host, it is free.

This type of blog carries with it a “” domain name like this: This is because it is hosted on WordPress server free.

The cons of starting your blog on this platform is that

It has limitation with its functionality,

It does not look professional,

The site can be suspended at anytime by WordPress.

And you do not have control over advertising or posting sponsored content on it.

I will not recommend this for bloggers who want to make money with their blogs. But for those who want to blog for pleasure, then this has enough features they can make do with.

b) Selfhosted blog

This type of blog is though created using the WordPress software but it is hosted on a third party platform. You have a website that looks professional where you can install plugins and ready to make money. I use and recommend Siteground as a web-host.

The startup, crafted from a great web start starts at $3.95 per month. Normally this will cost $9.95 per month. So you can jump on this deal while it lasts. They also offer technical services at a cost (if you need one) with a this

You can make money through sponsored content or adverts placed on your blog. It affords you the benefit of using custom themes that makes your blog look beautiful.

You can use tracking and analytics to know what interests your blog visitors and where they are coming from to your blog. These are powerful data that helps in your content marketing on your blog.

You can find out more about them through the excellent reviews they get. They also have 24/7 customer service. To sign up for Siteground click here.

starting a blog


#3 Find a hosting Platform

A host provides server space for your blog. Using Siteground hosting platform, they are a

NOTE: I’ll earn a small commission at no extra cost to you (rather, it’ll save you money) should you buy a package through one of my affiliate links.

Please know that I never recommend a service unless I’ve used it myself and am sure my readers will enjoy it.

For starters of new blog or new bloggers whose traffic is less than 10000 visitors, you can go with the small package.


starting a blog hosting plans

Just click on “Get Started” under the plan you want to start with.

Then click on “Register a new Domain name”. To choose a domain name for your blog. It is best you use a generic name. That indicates what your blog is all about.

If you blog about parenting. You can name your blog parenting tips, parenting answers or parenting made easy.


choose a blog domain name


Then click on “Proceed

On the next page, fill your contact details and click “submit order”.

start ablod complete order formstart a blog review and complete



It takes you to the  page that says “your order is successful“. You now have a successful domain.

Now you have a hosting account for free and a domain name.

start a blog hosting account successful


You will then receive an email from Siteground confirming your login username. This you’ll use in future to access your hosting account.

#4 Install WordPress

Siteground makes it easy for you to set up your account on your first time ever account set up using their own Account setup wizard. You can upload a new blog or transfer an existing blog or website free if you have using this setup wizard.

Click on “Proceed to Customer Area”. You will see the Siteground Account set up wizard.

Choose “Start a new website”. But if you are moving from an existing website or blog, then click on the “Transfer existing site from other host

start a blog hosting setup


Then click the type of website you need and the software you want to use.

Click on personal/Blog and WordPress.

Then click on “Proceed

start a blog account setup assistant


To install the software, type in your Admin email username and Password.

Then click “Enter

start a blog software installation
start a blog successful setup


#5 Login to access your new site and publish your first post

Hurray this is the final step in starting a WordPress blog


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How to Become An Amazing Writer [Even If You Feel Like A Nobody]

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It is a key for you to succeed.

You desire to write words. Words that pulls and tugs at their heart.

Not just for the fun of it, but because it’s essential.

Then you begin to write.

You write and write and write.

You write often and with all your strength. You write with passion and with the outpouring of all your heart and soul.

Because to make a mark in the blogosphere, you know you have to ride on the power of the written word.

You know your words have to be amazing, it has to genuinely help and it has to encourage your readers.

But that feeling won’t just go away.

You feel a lot like a cheat who just want to fake it or act it until you become it.

And you feel you are taking an undue advantage of your innocent readers. Because you are not like the experts you see all around the web.

They write with power and so much authority that their voice receives attention.

Then you wonder and ask, what can you do?

You think you need to practice for 10000 hours, working your socks off each day before you can engage and amaze your readers?


Luckily, there are ways to write like a pro-writer who makes his readers say write to say thank you.

Tip #1 Read Wide and become a Voracious Reader

Stephen King’s Prime Rule says “read a lot, write a lot”. To help your readers you’ll have to be knowledgeable enough to see where they are. And as a teacher and guide, you are in a position to give them answers.

You have to read materials, ranging from books, articles, podcasts. It will help you take the front seat, a leader position and you’ll also know much more than those you want to teach.

Ensure you spread your books across several fields. Do not restrict yourself to your niche so that you don’t limit or narrow the extent of your getting ideas. And the more information you take in, the better you’ll be.

Read the work of great writers, a lot of them. You’ll see further, and get more tools into your writing arsenal. It will also make it easy to cross multiply the many ideas you have when you sit down to write.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. When you find great literary work that fascinates you. Read it over and over till it becomes enshrined in you. And with time you’ll start seeing those ideas you read crystallize into amazing words that will flow through your fingers.

And they will guide you till you find it a lot easier to write and before you find your own voice.

Tip #2 Use simple clear sentences in a conversational style

To be a spectacular writer, you have to who write words that tug at her reader’s heart. You’ll want to present your words in a way that arranges your ideas in the heads of your readers.

This is usually a form of transference of your heads picture. It helps you paint a concept or idea with clarity. Do this by writing shorter sentences that bleed into another. It makes your writing tighter and reading faster.

You make the flow of your ideas go uninterrupted and avoid speed bumps that obstruct your reader’s emotional flow.

You also have to state your ideas directly. Use active, action-oriented words(verbs) to give power to your scribbled words. This makes your writing easy to understand and consume.

Avoid wordy, fluffy and repeated sentences that do not add new meaning to your words. Use concrete words not abstract and make your writing clear, concise and accurate.

Being an amazing writer entails being able to pen down words that engage in an interesting way.

Tip #3 Write every day and commit to your writing schedule

Any accomplished writer will tell you this. They got to wherever they are because they took their practice as a job. This requires a lot of practice and patience, though. So do not beat yourself up by trying to compare your work with those who started years ago.

You have to show up to work every day. You‘ll want to think of your writing as a muscle, that needs to be exercised. Just as our physical body muscles, the more you expose it to rigorous training, the stronger it becomes.

Start slow and gentle maybe with a daily word count of 500. The most important thing is to try to squeeze in each day as much writing as you can get away with. Do this till you find writing a second nature to you.

You may feel comfortable to do this in the mornings, during lunch time or maybe after dinner. The key is to find a time that works for you and make sure you show up. When you do this, you help the brain show up to the task at hand which is to write.

Tip #4 Edit Ruthlessly and Rewrite, Rewrite and Rewrite

When we write, we often fall head over heels with our words. Maybe because of the effort and toil we’ve made to shape and structure them to convene our intents.

But we often forget that those words aren’t ours, they are for your readers. And immediately you hit publish, they fly from you to them.

To get them from where they are to the promised land they seek.

Use a thesaurus to get similar words. Use Jon Morrow’s power words to add spice and to those bland words. Read your work aloud to cut the remaining bumps.

And just like a craftsman won’t stop chipping bit by bit at a log till it speaks the picture in his head, so is the craft of writing. Make an effort of love to shape them till it has the exact emotion and feeling you want your readers to have.

In the end, they will thank you and you’ll be happy to have helped the world.

Tip #5 Identify and get to know your Audience

You need to identify your target audience so that you know how you’ll talk to them. You’ll want to hit the nail on the head when you create content so that it resonates with them.

When you identify them what bothers them and talk about it, you’ll catch their attention. Because it will seem like you are reading their minds.

And then you can help them solve their problems with tact, passion, and love.

You become a good writer before their eyes because you addressed their needs.

To identify your target audience you have to ask some basic questions some of which are:

What are do you want to offer?

What will it help your target audience achieve ?

Who are these people you want to talk to? They could be fashion enthusiasts, or new Mums, Or people who want to lose weight. Figure out who they really are. You can use an old school pen and paper. I use sticky notes. I put them all around me.

Identify their age and sex, the experts or gurus they follow. Identify what their value is. Are they keen to professional development? Because if they aren’t. You might them difficult to buy what you eventually have to offer.

Good persuasive writing is an essential key in the blog o sphere.

Your readers see through if you are trying to exploit them or sincere in helping them. Because it’s just a matter of time, they will see through your actions and intentions.

You are here to make a mark and ease their frustrations and end their blogging pains.

Nudge them, jolt them, encourage them. Help them get to their promise land. That’s what you are here to do.

You have a goal to do. Make it come true, make it come happen, make it achievable.

You can impact the world with your ideas.

You can become a powerful and an amazing writer.

Go do it.

The world is waiting for your them. You can’t let down.


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